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People are the bridge that connects business strategy to results. Successful organizations want to do what is necessary to optimize their talent. They ensure the right people are doing the right work, and are led by leaders who understand the critical role they play in supporting the development of every INDIVIDUAL. Successful organizations also understand the importance of ensuring that TEAMS are designed to work effectively together and maximize their ability to successfully execute on their business objectives.

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The Talent Optimization Framework

Talent optimization is a new discipline business leaders can use to align their people with their business strategy. It’s the best way to boost productivity, build a winning culture, and create the flexibility your company needs to adapt to change over time.

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How organizations optimize talent and the critical role that leaders play


The best way to approach talent optimization is by ensuring that the employee experience is being maximized  throughout the life cycle of his/her career and that there is a connection to business strategy at every point. Organizations do this by focusing on these critical areas:


  • Assessing employee engagement to uncover organization strengths and gaps and putting together a thoughtful plan to best leverage the strengths and close the gaps to maximize employee engagement

  • Being smart and strategic about who is hired and how it is done by thoughtfully creating job profiles and talent pipelines to ensure fit

  • Putting the right people in the right roles and designing teams that understand how styles influence interaction within their teams and the ability to get the right work done.

  • Coaching and developing talent so employees feel they matter and their growth and career progression is being taken seriously 

  • Providing leaders with the skills and tools needed to be the best they can be for their employees and the organization

Check out this brief video that shows how we partner with Predictive Index to design “Dream Teams” Reach out to Suzanne Sitrin at to learn more about Talent Optimization and how we can partner with you on this journey. 

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