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We believe successful organizations are always working to understand the landscape of their talent to ensure learning and development opportunities are provided based on an individuals performance and potential. We also believe individual leaders must identify successors and develop those successors to be the future leaders of their organization. We partner with organizations to focus on this type of succession planning.


Part of the development of current and future leaders includes building critical, fundamental leadership skills that they do not get in their everyday work. This development comes in the form of our Living As A Leader series. 


Partnership between Red Rooster Consulting and Blue Birch Consulting to provide Living As A Leader®.

The Living As A Leader® Leadership Development Series is a comprehensive, steady-progress-over-time approach that equips leaders with depth and breadth of skill and knowledge.


The Series consists of a unique combination of workshops plus coaching plus additional success assurances. Your coach helps to ensure application of newly gained knowledge and skills in the workplace.


Leaders who successfully complete the Series will be workplace-ready, intentional and confident with the choices they make, instinctively knowing what to say and what to do. 

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