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Blue Birch Consulting has worked with dozens of clients over the years.  Here is a sampling and what we worked on together. 

Leading, privately-held Aviation and Construction Project Management Firm 

  • Creation of Group Norms that are used to guide the leadership team whenever the come together to lead the organization.

  • Team optimization

  • Change management

I have been fortunate enough to work with this client for almost 10 years. Initially, my work started with the Founders  and the senior leadership team. I had the opportunity to provide leadership coaching to the owner on how to step into her power and learn how to use her voice. She struggled with being more assertive and leading meetings and making her perspective and feedback more overt to the team. The work we did together had long-term benefit as they have navigated a number of changes and significant growth over time.. Additionally, they had never really focused on leadership development previously, and early on in our work together they enrolled a few leaders in one of our early “Living As A Leader” series. 


There was so much success that they have since enrolled over 20 leaders in  six different series and these leaders meet with the senior leadership team periodically to share their learnings and insights. Finally, I’ve had the opportunity to coach another member of the executive team over a three-year time period. She is one of the highest potential leaders in their organization, and she has continued to grow and take on more leadership responsibility throughout our time working together. I have seen her gain confidence and comfort owning key strategic initiatives and addressing conflict in a very professional manner.

Family run Logistics and Supply Chain Management Company within the Airline Industry.

  • Leadership culture creation

  • Succession planning

  • HiPo development

  • Communication

  • Strategic Planning

When I started working with this fourth generation family owned business, they prided themselves on being very entrepreneurial and not having roles or structure defined so people could feel free to do work, and not be restricted by role boundaries. While this had a number of benefits, the challenge was that as they grew, people, craved more structure and leadership to help drive accountability and guide the organization forward. Over the time of working with them, not only have we taken over 20 of their leaders through our Living As A Leader series but I’ve also had the privilege of working frequently with the senior leadership team and we have implemented a bit more structure. They recognized the need for a strategic plan, and I connected them with Rosemary to provide this invaluable Process for them. They now are focused on succession planning and engagement as they guide the organization for continued growth.


  • Merger integration work

  • Team optimization

  • Talent optimization and leadership development 


  • Leadership development

  • Culture

  • Coaching

  • Conflict management

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